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Founded: September 2010

SFC license (CE No.AWI759) was obtained: 22 February 2011

Yuki Asia Investments Co., Limited (“YAICL”) is a financial institution whose mission is to offer financial products that target absolute returns above the nominal GDP Growth of selected countries or 4.5%.

Currently, YAICL offers Japanese equity funds and blended Japanese and US equity funds to qualified investors.

YAICL also offers portfolio services to institutional investors including a “universe” or selection of Japanese stocks, U.S. stocks, Hong Kong-listed Chinese stocks, South Korean stocks and Taiwanese stocks that have been identified through a rigorous and independent quantitative screening process.

The products we at YAICL offer are growth-type investment products and investment “universe” selections that are based on orthodox investment fundamentals - i.e., stocks that can be expected to rise based on fundamental strength and performance. We are pleased to offer these products that are based on orthodox investment fundamentals as they are indispensable to sustainable absolute returns required for wealth creation.